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Yateley Society Annual Exhibitions

10th Anniversary Exhibition - May Fayre 1991


The Yateley Society celebrated its 10th anniversary in January 1991. Ever year since it was founded the Society had taken pitches at Yateley May Fayre. Initially an elaborate structure of scaffolding and heavy duty polyethylene film provided protection from the elements - sometimes rather severe. In 1991 the elaborate scaffording was replaced by hired a marguee. After the 'big day', May Bank Holiday Monday, the exhibition had always transferred in its entirety to Yateley Library where it continued to be displayed for up to six weeks. This year the entire exhibition had two additional outings....


Yateley Society exhibitions were big - up to 12 large display boards. These boards had been acquired for the Society's Exhibition Yateley - Whose Town is it Anyway in 1982. The exhibition boards, lettering sets and other display materials had been purchased by means of a £1,000 grant from the Department of the Environment covering 50% of the budget. Johnson's Wax of Frimley generously provided 50% of the Society's share, so the Society found £500 from its own resources.


The 10th Anniversary Exhibition, co-ordinated by Elizabeth Tipton with the help of Valerie Kerslake, took up 11 of the Society's display boards. Each board described the large range of Society activities. This was the first exhibition to use some materials generated on personal computers. However what survives in digital form does not include much in the way of local history material - although of course local history was strongly featured in the exhibition.


1991 was a memorable year for the Society: Yateley History Project Phase II was launched and the newly restored Yateley Hall was thrown open to the general public on two memorable Saturdays. YHP Phase II is the Society's community digital archive stimulated by the need for documentary support for archaeological investigation of Chaddisbrooke by Geoff Hoare. To relaunch the YHP Richard Johnston sat in the Society's May Fayre marquee transcribing wills onto a (very large by today's standards) Amstrad portable computer powered by a portable generator.


The Society's new chairman, Dr Richard Johnston, had played a significant role for the Yateley Society in the restoration and refurbishment of Yateley Hall as prestige office accommodation. Richard had carried out the historical building survey and researched the Hall's long history. He was therefore able to arrange for the Society to manage an open day for the general public to tour Yateley Hall before the new tenants moved in. Twelve members were trained as guides for the escorted tours and assigned to a rota throughout the day. The length of the queue on the day is now legendary. All guides were called in to be on duty all day and over 1,200 people viewed Yateley Hall. A second viewing day was arranged and a another 800 made the tour, but this time stewards were appointed for each room, and the public was allowed to view the rooms a la National Trust. On both viewing days the Society's 10th Anniversary Exhibition was displayed. Many new members were signed up and Society booklets had to be put into hasty reprints.


Sadly, today in 2007, the original tenants have moved on and Yateley Hall is again empty due to the general surfeit of empty office accommodation in this area.


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