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Yateley Society Local History Exhibitions


1993: Yateley in 1878 - Glimpses of the Village 115 years ago


Introduction to Exhibition

Houses and Families

Yateley National School

Travel and Transport in 1878

Population Studies

Heath and Common

Church and Chapel

Shops and Occupations

Social and Miscellania


Yateley in 1878 was a very large exhibition staged by Elizabeth Tipton, assisted by Roy Maryon (census and meteorological records), Tony Hocking (travel and transport), David and Valerie Keslake (John Mills diary) and Norma Dowling and Irene Draper who had researched the early years of Yateley National School, now the Village Hall of Yateley Green. The exhibition consisted of many photographs from the Collier Collection at the Museum of Rural Life, University of Reading and many from the SydneyLoader Collection produced professionally by Agnes Stephenson, and the John Herman Collection, a local commercial retailer. Many charts were produced by Roy Maryon for his population studies. Valerie and David Kerslake transcribed the diary of the John Mills (from a private source), and other material held in the Hampshire Record Office now held in the Yateley History Project online database was reproduced on the display boards.


Yateley in 1878 was the first of the Society's large annual exhibitions exclusively devoted to Local History. The Society had mounted an exhibtion each year at Yateley May Fayre since its inauguration in 1981. The whole annual exhibtion had then displayed in Yateley Library for a further 4-6 weeks. Since the exhibition would often cover all the Society's 12 display boards this gave ample time to read the text.


Yateley in 1878 was only the second annual exhibition to use some text generated on a computer. Before that display cards had been made using Letraset and a lettering device. Even so, since home computers were not yet in most homes, many of the display cards produced by hand for this exhibition must now be scanned to display them on this website. Only the digitised texts have so far been added to this website.


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