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Yateley Local History - a Time Line


For those of you who like to read your history in a some sort of logical chronological order here is a list of the articles in date order.


Obviously many of the articles span several centuries. Therefore a start date and end date have been assigned - often not precisely.


Start dateEnd date Fact & FictionAuthor/Researcher
Pre-history Was there a Bronze Age Urnfield burial site at Moor Park?Geoff Hoare
9th 10th Did the Danes burn down the Saxon Church? Geoff Hoare
11th 21st Yateley was a rural backwater where nothing ever happened?Peter Tipton
13th 16th Is Yateley‘s mediaeval wealth evidence of fish-farming?Peter Tipton
15th 15th Was Yateley Hall a mediaeval nunnery?Richard Johnston
16th 16th Did Yateley have a network of secret tunnels?Richard Johnston
16th 20th Rural families lived in the same village over many centuriesPeter Tipton
1600 1605 Was the Gunpowder Plot hatched in Yateley?Peter Tipton
1650s 1670s Was the Polyglot Bible written by a Yateley man?Peter Tipton
16th 17th Which Yateley royal cupmaker made St Peter's Crystal Cup?Peter Tipton
17th 1841 Was Parson Darby a real highwayman?Peter Tipton
17361789The Wyndhams of Firgrove and John JamesPeter Tipton
18th 19th Did a Yateley man invent anchovy sauce?Peter Tipton
1791 1870 Captured naval officer escapes from Napoleonic jailPeter Tipton
1810 1870 Which Yateley man first studied at a US university?Peter Tipton
1814 1878 Was a famous hymnwriter born in Yateley?Valerie Kerslake
1816 1819 Did bull-baiting take place on Yateley Green?Valerie Kerlake
1853 1879 Did murderer Charles Peace drink at the White Lion?Valerie Kerslake
1871 1960 Where was the earliest electric organ hereabouts?David Kerslake
1877 1883 Were the Altar Frontals made from Yateley silkworms?Valerie Kerslake
1890s 1921 Did Thames Valley Traction run the first bus service?Valerie Kerlake
1918 1921 Did Jan Paderewski live at Barclay House?Valerie Kerslake
1927 1927 Did an Ashanti king visit Yateley Hall?Richard Johnston
1996 1996 A Stone Curlew sighted at Blackbushe?Norma Dowling

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