Glebe House, Vicarage Road, Yateley


Conservation Status: Listed Grade II, in Conservation Area


Glebe House with West Glebe and Hartford House were originally a single house, and from about 1810 until the 1930s was Yateley's Vicarage. Because of the division of the property there are now three separate Listings

as follows:


Glebe House


West Glebe


Hartford House


Rather complex and eclectic residence as a result of successive extensions to a small original house dating from the C18. Most of what is now visible dates from the C19.


Was Yateley Vicarage (1810 to 1930s). Used as "Yateley Military Hospital during WW1.


West Glebe and Hartford House surveyed by R H Johnston ca 2003. Glebe House which is the eastern wing of the house and believed to date from the mid-C19 was not surveyed.


Special note - these properties have "flying freeholds"


The survey material for theser properties is not yet web available.


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