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The Third Duke of Grafton

Augustus Henry FitzRoy, 1735-1811

Information on this page quoted from http://www.tbheritage.com/Breeders/Grafton/Grafton2.html


Grandson to the 2nd Duke of Grafton, who served as Lord Chamberlain under both George I and George II, the 3rd Duke was six years old when his father, the Dukes third son, ~Fitzroy Augustus died prematurely, during the siege of Cartagena (1741). His uncle, George, the Earl of Euston and heir to the ducal title also died young, leaving Augustus Henry heir to the title and fortune. His mother, desirous of marrying again and lacking the means to raise him and his brother, future Baron Southampton, in the necessary style, turned both boys over to their grandfather.


After the requisite education, including tutoring by Horace Walpole at Cambridge, the future 3rd Duke embarked on the obligatory Continental tour, married Anne Liddell, daughter of a prominent Durham landowner, and was elected M.P. for Bury St. Edmunds. At age 22 he acceded to the title and fortune of his grandfather, and soon thereafter gave up his court appointment as Lord of the Bedchamber to the Prince of Wales, finding any public duties at all unappealing.


Although his young wife was highly thought of for her looks, intelligence and charm, the 3rd Duke preferred to spend his time on the hunting field and at Newmarket Heath, a relatively short distance from his Euston estate. The neglected Duchess gradually became addicted to card games, losing large sums of money, and their relationship began to fray.



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