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Leaflet & Notice displayed at the Society's Open Day at Yateley Industries 3 July 1999

Exhibition 1999 - Update

In the April Newsletter you will have read that the Society has been invited to provide an exhibition in the Library as part of their 25th birthday celebrations. We have also been asked to stage one or two events, such as lectures, during Library celebrations this autumn. This welcome, but unexpected request has fallen very neatly into the Executive’s exhibitions strategy for this last year of the present Millenium. We wanted to do something special, but also something which would help towards our Civic Trust purpose of fostering a pride of place. Dr David Lister was always very keen on this objective during his chairmanship, and it has not been forgotten. Disseminating interesting historical information about Yateley is a good way to achieve our charitable objective, particularly as we are always being asked by school teachers for something that might capture the imagination of eleven year olds.


The schools seem to be hooked on Parson Darby, Guy Fawkes and other gentleman of dubious character, as well as dubious Yateley connections. Much of the fodder in the local studies section in the the Library deals with highwaymen in general, and Parson Darby in particular. We have therefore decided to make our 1999 exhibition Yateley: Fact and Fiction and deal with these myths and legends, together with a few more stories which might actually have happened in Yateley. We might have such headlines as Victorian murderer apprehended by Yateley Builder or Three day police siege at remote Hampshire farmhouse after Maharajah kidnaps society girl, or even Yateley just misses becoming second London Airport.


Members may well ask why we decided not to stage this exhibition at May Fayre. The answer is that the Executive was very disappointed with the number of visitors to our marquee last year, and the number of new members enrolled. So the Executive decided to try something new and stage this one-day event independently on 3rd July.


In September we shall move the exbibition to the Library and publish a booklet containing the contents of the Exhibition and any more facts and fiction we might have reasearched during the summer. We even hope to include a dossier of Yateley ghost stories. That should keep the 11 year olds happy!


In the April Newsletter was yet another request for willing researchers/authors and other exhibition stalwarts to come forward. We still have many myths and legends to research, and some true events too. We still need more researcher.


Except for Charlie Peace (spoken for by Valerie Kerslake) there is not a lot of evidenc available locally. It is matter of newpaper libraries, record offices etc. We want to make the booklet as comprehensive as possible, but we must not just parrot the received wisdom of the romantics. That is how errors are perpetuated. We must do our own research. Any one of these subjects might make a good school or further education project. If you know anyone looking for such a project please show this article to them.


We want to include more archaeological, wildlife and planning topics, as well as historical facts and fictions.


Valerie Kerslake has been trawling everything she can find on Yateley and has come up with another long list of interesting facts (or fictions?). Someone might dispose of some of these in a few interesting lines, whereas others might be the subject of a PhD thesis. So whatever your interest, or your time availability, we have a subject for you -- whether you are interested in history, wildlife or planning:


  • how did Yateley miss becoming the second London Airport?
  • how did Cricket Hill get its name?
  • what happened to the sand lizards?
  • how did Brandy Bottom get its name?
  • why did Yateley get developed rather than Odiham and Hartley Wintney?
  • which king exchanged his wet clothes with a Yateley miller?
  • did Wilky Collins write the Woman in White at Frogmore House?
  • when did bull-baiting take place on Yateley Green?
  • who was murdered at Moulsham Spray Bridge in the Civil War - and why?
  • did Oliver Cromwell really sleep at Monteagle House?
  • when was the A30 used as a Gypsy racetrack?
  • where was the Monastery in Yateley?
  • when was the last aircrash in Yateley?
  • why was there a cow in the church?
  • how did the Welsh Drive get its name?
  • how many mills did Yateley have?
  • how long did it take a stagecoach to get from Blackwater to Hartfordbridge?
  • when and why was the last time Yateley flooded?
  • did Cromwell camp on Yateley Common?
  • why do we have so many ponds?
  • when did Yateley have four hospitals?
  • who ran the first coach service into Reading?
  • how did Fido save airmen at Blackbushe?
  • did Monteagle House pump all its water from the Yateley/Eversley parish boundary?


These are some of the questions which may never get answered if we cannot match them with researchers to dig out the answers. Fact or fiction?

If you are interested in becoming one of this year's exhibition team please phone me. There are now only 10 weeks left. If you have not done this sort of thing before, I should make it plain that the most basic skill is being able to read newspapers. Anyone who has already researched their own family history will be considered as experts! Anyone who is looking for an interesting A level project this summer -- just ring me to book your title.

Peter Tipton

3 July 1999

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