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The Library Lectures

In the summer of 1999 the Chief Librarian of Yateley Library invited the Yateley Society to mount a large local history exhibition to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Library, and to arrange a Library Lecture with a local history subject. The background was fully explained in the Society's first Fact & Fiction exhibition held at Yateley Industries on 3 July 1999. The Librarian wanted the exhibition to appeal to Key Stage 3 children using the Library under the terms of the joint provision. This fitted in precisely with the objectives of the Fact or Fiction exhibition, as set out in the Society's newsletter No.71 of April 1999.


There were a total of six Library Lectures between 1999 and 2005.


1 20 Oct 1999 Yateley Myths & Truths - the fact behind the fiction   Poster 
    About the Yateley Society Tony Hocking  
    The Yateley History Project Database Dr Richard Johnston  
    The Real Parson Darby Peter Tipton  
2 16 Nov 2000 Yateley & John Company -- new research into Yateley Peter Tipton Poster
    people working for the East India Company 1600-1858    
3 7 May 2002 This was Yateley   Poster 
    The FitzRoy Scandal Dr Richard Johnston  
    Exploring the Caves of Yateley Peter Tipton  
    Defending Quetta with the 4th Hampshires Chris Bunch  
4 20 May 2003 Adult Education in Yateley   Poster 
    Expanding Horizon: the WEA Centenary and Beyond Letitia Mason  
    Yateley : a Parish through Six Centuries Dr John Porter  
5 20 May 2004 Lest We Forget Peter Tipton Poster
    Remembering those who lost their lives in WW2    
6 19 May 2005 The Haven Dr Richard Johnston Poster
    The story of the Baptist home for unmarried mothers 1945-1969    

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