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Mediaeval Landscape Evolution

Derek Doherty and Michael Holroyd undertook a classic local history project, attempting to reconstitute the mediaeval landscape. Early in the Yateley History Project (1982) Derek had published Yateley: a mediaeval village and Michael had published an edition of the Tithe Map in order to raise money for the subsequent main publication.


Derek then continued to work from the early records, describing changing settlement patterns over the whole of the original parish of Yateley, which stretched from the Eversley boundary along the southern banks of the Blackwater to the tithings of Hawley and Cove, including the hamlets of Bramshot, Southwood, and Broomhill. He argued the case for the existance of a sizable 'deserted village' at Bramshot suggesting that before the Black Death it was probably the demesne of the Lords of the Manor.


Michael Holroyd, on the other hand, looked back at the evolution of the landscape from the vantage point of the Crondall Customary of 1567. The Customary was an agreement between the Dean & Chapter of Winchester, as Lords of the Manor, and their tenants, as copyholders in their Manor of Crondall, which included what is present-day Yateley. Michael looked at the continuing enclosure of land from 1287 to 1844, the resulting location of buildings, and the size and cultivation of landholdings in the time of the first Elizabeth.


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