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Documents and Sources


A large number of historical resources were used to compile the 1997 Exhibition, extending over a six month period. These sources will be apparent from the text.


For the first time many of these resources were available to the researchers on their desktop computers. The Yateley History Project Phase 2 had been initiated for the Society's 10th Anniversary Exhibition in 1991, the main objective being to digitise the Society's existing archives of documents and images, and to add to these extracts from whole runs of archives such as the Manorial Court Books, Parish Registers and Poor Rates, Land Tax Returns and so on. In 1997 this was well under way.


However the main historical source for exploring the history of public houses are Alehouse Licences issued by the local magistrates since the 16th century. Hampshire Record Office holds several series relating to the alehouses in Yateley. Most of these were explored and transcribed for the 1997 exhibition. One extremely important series 33M73/XP102-136, covering 1873-1962, was not found until August 1997. Alehouse licences were however transcribed for the period 1835-1864. As a result this exhibition mainly concentrated on the period between the two Acts of Parliament, of 1830 and 1869, which effectively established then abolished Beerhouses as a separate licensing entity from Alehouses. In 1830 the only place to buy a drink (legally) in the village of Yateley was the Dog and Partridge, so the period studied saw the genesis of most of the present-day pubs in Yateley. We were however able to extend the period researched from the following sources:


Licences to sell Beer in Yateley, 1792 - 1795

Alehouse Licences, 1835 - 1864

Register of Licences, Court of Petty Sessions, 1873 - 1662

Minutes of the County Licensing Committee 1905 - 1935


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Page prepared by Peter Tipton, April 2008


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