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SYDNEY LOADER, for many years the local historian of Yateley, was invited by Luath Grant Ferguson to be one of the lecturers of the Study of Yateley adult education course at Yateley Centre. Sydney had published The History of Yateley, edited by him from a scrapbook made by Geoffrey Holt Stilwell. The Yateley Society invited Sydney to become one of its first two Vice Presidents. He presented his archives to the Society. The Loader Collection has been deposited at the Hampshire Record Office, with a digital copy of each document being retained in the Society's archives.


Both Sydney's father and grandfather had lived in Yateley. Sydney Ireson Loader was a gardener by trade and had worked as a young man at Minley Manor, as had his father James. James Loader was born in Yateley, christened at St Peter's on 20 April 1873. His father (Sydney's grandfather) was John Loader (1837-1909), who was born in Finchampstead. He first definitely appears in the census for Yateley in 1871, aged 30, with his wife Emily, aged 37, stated to have been born in Barton Stacy. Also included 1n the census is Lydia (newly born) and stepson John Kimber aged 11. There is probably an earlier entry in the 1861 census for John Loader, working at a servant at Malthouse Farm aged 24. Note the 6 year difference in ages between the 1861 and 1871 census. However John Loader's age given in 1861 does correspond to his age in 1861 calculated from the birth year of 1837 given on his gravestone. This remains a bit of a mystery since John Loader continues to calculate is birth year as 1840/41 in subsequent censuses: aged 41 in 1881, aged 50 in 1891, and aged 61 in 1901. If the 1861 entry is indeed Sydney's grandfather then he was working as one of three live-in carters for James Cobbett, farmer and haydealer of Malthouse Farm.


Sydney's grandmother Emily has also remained a bit of a mystery until recently when, with the help of a family historian, we have worked out who her father was. In 1871 she gave her bithplace as Barton Stacey, but subsequently she gave it as Newton Stacey. Sydney's grandparents' were married on 10 July 1870 in the church of St Peter, Walworth in the parish of St Mary Newington in Surrey. They both gave their addresses in Date Street: John Loader, batchelor aged 30 at no.46 and Emily Smith, spinster aged 36 at no.68. So the ages are consistent with their ages given in the census records, except John at Malthouse Farm in 1861 and on his gravestone.


Emily's father is given as James Smith, labourer, and the witnesses are Henry Smith and Emma Agatha Smith. The 1861 Yateley census records Emily Smith aged 27 (ie the right age) daughter of James Smith, an ag. lab. Both give their birthplace as Barton Stacey, as did Emily Loader in 1871. The 1861 census also records that James Smith had two grandsons living with him: John Loader aged 1 and Henry Smith aged 4 both born in Hawley but not christened at St Peter's Yateley. 'John Smith aged 1' in 1861 may well be the 'John Kimber aged 11' living in the Loader household in 1871 - bearing in mind that Emily Smith was a spinster at her marriage to John Loader.


I (Peter Tipton) have no idea whether Sydney knew any of this.


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